Magic Circle Trampolines

 Trampolines are great exercise and fun for every one. They get your kids off the couch and off their cell phones for some fresh air and energy burning fun.

Adults can get a good low-impact workout burning lots of calories in a short amount of time. The surface is comfortable to lie on to do floor exercises such as sit ups.

It's a great workout for people suffering from arthritis or joint pain because it is gentle on your joints - far easier on your joins than walking or running. 

 In fact therapists now recommend using a top quality trampoline for people with Autism, Aspersers syndrome, ASD and even ADHD, which helps them both physically and mentally. 

Do your research before you buy. A good quality trampoline is a great investment for the whole family to share and have fun for years to come.


Fine Knitted Cage & Mat Material

Magic Circle Trampolines cage material is tightly knitted like mesh so that jumpers can not snag their fingers or other small items like buttons if they impact the cage while jumping. Most others are made of fishnet material that little fingers can easily get caught in. Our mat material has the best UV protection - tightly woven and calendared (ironed) to make the surface smooth and protect it from fraying should the surface get punctured. 


Magic Circle Trampolines Cages simply overlaps to provide a tunnel for entry and exit - no accidentally falling through the doorway. Other safety enclosures have zippers or buckles which can break and wear out over time or can just be simply forgotten to secure.


Fully Integrated System

Magic Circle Trampolines cages are sewn directly onto the jumping mat. This keeps small children from slipping between the mat and cage and from getting body parts pinched between the two while jumping. Also keeping them safe from coming in contact with other parts of the frame and springs. We use the best UV protected thread we can get and add 6 rows of stitching to ensure the safety of the Mat/Cage enclosure. We sew galvanized steel v-rings to our Mat/Cage for attaching the springs to the frame. These are more durable than the plastic ones or grommets others use.Our Cages are the only ones sewn like this.

Springs Attach Top of Cage To Poles

The springs linking the top of the Magic Circle Trampolines Cage to the poles help to cushion any impact with the cage causing it to give a little. This is especially good if a gymnastic trick goes wrong and the jumper collides heavily with the cage. It also helps protect the material to make it last longer on your trampoline. 


Magic Circle Trampolines springs are full 8 1/2" in length, with extra coils to provide a superior bounce and are made from galvanized steel. 


Safety Pads

Magic Circle Trampolines safety pads cover all the trampoline springs and are held securely in place with a spring slid through the pocket at each end of the pad. Made from is 1' thick high density firm foam, UV protected vinyl on the front and breathable backing on the bottom side to allow moisture to evaporate. We offer a variety of colors to choose from. Most other pads only last 6 months to a year but ours usually last at least 3 years.

Pole Covers

Magic Circle Trampolines pole covers are extruded foam with UV protected green color all the way through and do not break down and disintegrate like other cheaper poles do. These covers protect a jumper by cushioning the blow if an errant jump causes a hard contrast with the upright poles of the trampoline.

Pole Attachments

Sockets are welded to the legs of our Magic Circle Trampolines so that the upright poles slide securely in. Unlike others that are held by u-bolts that can come loose over time, rendering the system unsafe.



Magic Circle Trampolines top rails are made from heavy duty 13 gauge galvanized steel that slide together securely to form the frame .The legs are one piece made from 14 gauge galvanized steel that slide securely into sockets welded to the bottom of the frame ensuring that the frame is a solid unit. With a flow coat finish to help prevent rusting.

Weight Limit

Our trampolines will not bend, twist or tip over from rambunctious jumpers within the weight limit. All of our trampolines have a weight limit of 450 lbs. Most other trampolines are 250 or less depending on the size. We do not recommend more than one jumper at a time but we realize kids just want to have fun, so we have provided a unit that is durable enough to withstand the weight of multiple jumpers.


Varity of shapes and sizes

Magic Circle Trampolines offers a variety of shape and size trampolines to fit your family and your backyard. Multiple jumpers are safest on our 14' Hex & 16' Oct. Magic Circle Cages as they do not get thrown together like they do on a rectangle (with a narrow jumping surface) or a round.

Replacement Parts

We have been manufacturing trampolines in the USA for over 40 years. Very few have been around that long. All of our parts and materials for our trampolines are made here in the USA, so they are readily available. We have people still buying new mats or pads for their trampolines they bought 10 or 15 years ago. Most companies import their trampolines and either can't get the parts or it takes forever to get them.


Magic Circle Trampolines has an excellent 10 year warranty on the frame, 5 year, 1 year complete & 4 year prorated on the mat/cage and springs, pads are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects - generally last about 3 years.

Why A Magic Circle Trampoline ?

Check out this great video from one of our Magic Circle Trampolines dealers.

Assembling A Magic circle trampoline

As you can see in this short video, our Magic Circle Trampolines frame slides securely together without any small bolts or clamps that can come loose over time. Takes about an hour to assemble.